2019 Edition

We are back bitchesssss!!

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Sponsored by Arcigay Italian LGBTQ Association

The first Pride Festival has been amazing! The whole organization has been MAD, we did it all in less than 3 weeks, and the result was incredible, thanks to all the people that helped us in many many ways. We raised 92.802 lindens and we donated them to Arcigay Italy, the no-profit organization that is helping the troubled italian LGBTQ community. We are so proud and so happy about the success of last year that we can’t wait to organize a brand-new edition, full of music, art, fashion and lot of fun!


>> How Pride Festival was born?

The Italian community of Second Life, during these 15 years of virtual platform, has been present in many fields of activity, including design, the fair environment, role play and last but not least artistic events. We Italians are passionate, fighters, lovers of drama; however we always know how to give the best of us, united for a good cause. During my 11 years of Second Life I have explored numerous realities. In many cases I noticed that some of the progress made by the real society was not reflected in the virtual environment. I have seen too many homophobic attacks, a lot of intolerance and a lack of sensitivity towards a subject as delicate as sexual identity and gender freedom.

So, I decided to remind Italians about the infinite potential of our positive actions, by setting up a festival, the Pride Festival of Second Life.

The intent of the festival is to sensitize the Italian and the international community about intolerances and verbal violence, towards LGBTQ community. The festival (NO PROFIT) will last five days, the program will be varied and will bring together a whole series of events: from DJ sets, fashion shows, contests, photo exhibitions etc.

The main focus of the festival will be a fundraising that will be donated to Arcigay Italia association, which for years has been at the forefront of organizing events and awareness activities for LGBTQ community.

We share our experiences, discover new realities and get to know each other. Because only in this way we can defeat homophobia.


>> Pride Festival 2.0 – 2019 edition

WHEN: 26th – 30th June 2019 (5 days)

THEME: Community is power

WHAT: Music, fair, fashion show and art

SETTING: Retro-wave



These are the applications to join the event!

If you are interested in helping us with the organization, send a notecard to Eva Artemesia or contact me via Facebook Messenger: www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013453985844 or Discord: Eva Artemesia#1763




The rules are very simple: the fee is 2000L (you can choose to donate the entire amount to Arcigay or to give 1000L in donation to Arcigay and 1000L to the organization). There are no exclusives required (if you want you can do it anyway) but a simple group gift for the partecipants. In the booth you can also add everything you want, make sales, etc., you have 80 prims available. We have like 30 booths in the sim, first come first served!All the sponsor logos will be added on the website, on social media and, inworld, at landing point and along the runway of the Fashion Show Contest.

We don’t have bloggers but you can send the gift to your bloggers. We will create a Gift Guide for the customers, it will be shared on Facebook, Flickr and added in the Pride Festival HUD.

APP LINK: goo.gl/forms/Be4BR00wMLZBNojE3



DJ APP >>>

If you want to join the event as a dj fill the form! The parties will start from 12 or 1 pm sl time. Please bring a host with you, we need to keep the parties alive and follow the donations! We have a retro-wave/neon location theme, you can choose this theme for your dj set or another one you prefer, just let us know! We will also organize some contest parties with a prize, let us know if you are interested in hosting and djing during these events!

APP LINK: goo.gl/forms/yJlCIu5K5U7ZHcFo1




We are looking for models (non-professional too) for our Great Fashion Show Contest! Pride Festival is a no profit event, so no money as award, but instead you can win the title of Mister and Miss Pride 2018, the amazing Peacock Crown and a gift card from one of our sponsors! It’s a funny way to be together, support the cause and have fun! Five male and five female will be selected, there will be a training lesson, 3 outfits to prepare and a special jury to decide the winner! If you are interested please fill the app!

APP LINK: goo.gl/forms/gyuJCD3gc6OiC2yJ3




For the entire duration of the event we will set up a photographic exhibition open to everybody, with the aim of telling through the images the theme of homophobia , sexual freedom and LGBTQ community power.

If you want to participate send your work to Eva Artemesia. Square format. Texture name: “Pride Festival ART 2019 – Avatar name”. Remember to set it with all permissions! (Copy / mod / transfer).

The Art Gallery is not a contest. The pictures will not be sold. The image can be an old one.

Please keep your works as an exclusive for the event, then you can spam it everywhere! If the picture is old, no problem.




Owner: Eva Artemesia

Top Manager: Luigi Kariunga

SIM Manager: Ashlar Bayn

Social Media Manager: Marduklust Resident (Dae Zarco)

DJ Manager: Chad Paolin

SECOND LIFE GROUP: secondlife:///app/group/0fdccbe3-4ba9-b1b8-3b54-c22aa8d3b853/about

FACEBOOK GROUP: Pride Festival

FACEBOOK PAGE: Pride Festival

DISCORD: Coming soon


A taste of Pride Festival 2018!

catwalk HEADER

sneak peek 2


(Dedico questo festival a Symo, nella speranza che un giorno capisca, come molti altri, che non esistono persone “normali” o “diverse”. Esistono persone.)