Pride Festival 3.0 – 2020 edition


WHEN: 24th – 28th June 2020 (5 days)
THEME: “Party in the desert” – WE. ARE. FIRE.
WHAT: Music, parties, live singers, outfit contests, shopping event, plenty of gits, fashion show art gallery and more!
LANDMARK: Pride Festival 2020 SIM

Pride map 2020


blm pride

2 sl



89.000 traffic

6.000 visitors in the sim

10.000 views on the website

313.003 linden gathered in 5 days

70 designers and 58 gifts for the shopping event

120+ hours of entertainment

10 hours of workshops






Everybody say LOVE!

Life is a journey, a journey made of big and small moments of memorable, painful, difficult travels, of big hugs and lots of tears. Life is a journey that one takes alone but, on the way, we meet many people who enrich our path in ways we didn’t think possible. Each of us has an immense value as an individual, and can make an immense contribution when joining a community.

The Pride Festival community has grown a lot in these years, 2020 will be the third journey that we will have together! Ours is an open community, which celebrates diversity, the values ​​of sexual and social equality and which loves the individual, loves every face of it and wants to remind everyone that even one person can change common thinking. There is fear within us, there is anxiety, there is despair, but there is also a huge fire of potential and love, that sometimes we are too often afraid of to express. Life is a journey made of courage, hope, but above all of, passion. You can do the difference, you can be the fire of the world.
As this year’s theme I chose PARTY IN THE DESERT! I want to remind myself and everyone that WE ARE FIRE, we are powerful, we heat the world, we are an incredible resource.
We are fire because we manage to face problems, and if we do not succeed we have the courage to ask. We are fire because we burn the corrupt part of society with our love, we are fire because we are a unique being, we are power.



Eva Artemesia (inworld via NC)
Dimitri Cloud (inworld via NC)

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– Almost 5000 individual visitors in the SIM in 5 days
– Traffic 40.000
– 11.000 visitors in our website
– 165.000L gathered as donations
– 120 hours of entertainment
– 40 designers and 40 gifts


As the official burningman SL region Burn2 has not approved or permitted the use of the trademarked and copyrighted idea of Burning Man for use in our charity event
the theme will now be “Party in the Desert”. No trademark, more fun!